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At the advent of Neopoint Sale, we initially solely wanted to provide users with the ability to buy neopoints. Over the years, we have greatly expanded our focus and now offer a diverse range of neopets services. These include but are not necessarily limited to:

Avatar Items

Avatar Lending Services

Battledome Items

Clearance Items

Morphing Potions

Other Items (think full laboratory maps, neggs, etc.)

Paint Brushes

Petpet Paint Brushes


Transmogrification Potions

Unconverted Neopets

We continue to constantly expand our services and our goal is to encompass a wide variety of products and needs in order to seek unique purposes. At the very least, if you are looking for an item that we do not have listed, we would recommend purchasing one of our neopoints packages. We consider neopoints to be “special” because of the large variety of purposes that they can serve. Have a unique item you are looking for? No problem! Purchase one of our neopoints packages, visit the trading post or auction house and purchase the item(s) yourself using the neopoints that you have purchased. While we try to keep our stock updated with a large variety of items (and we pride ourselves on having the largest selection available amongst neopoints selling websites), we would definitely recommend buying a neopoints package if you have a specific need. We are also happy to do custom orders for larger items and/or neopoints packages. If you are looking for a custom neopoints/items package, please feel free to contact us and we will let you know the price and arrange payment.

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